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Garland County CARES is a substance abuse prevention coalition that was formed in 2007 by Quapaw House, Inc. and a group of concerned citizens in Garland county.  The coalition envisions a community in which substance abuse and its risk factors and consequences are reduced to a minimum.  Our purpose is to reduce substance abuse and associated problems in our community by implementing community-wide evidence-based prevention programs and environmental strategies.

Reducing substance abuse in a community is a shared responsibility.  Garland County CARES Coalition is comprised of a diverse group of people within the community.  CARES is includes community adult and youth volunteers, faculty and staff from various institutions, business leaders, health care providers, elected officials, faith-based leaders, educators, and numerous others who work to address the complex issues of substance abuse.

For more information please contact (501) 623-3525.

Our goal is to make quality alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention services available to the community and connect families with appropriate treatment centers, as needed.

Garland County Cares, Inc. is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services/Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention.

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  1. Joni says:

    Would like to know more about your programs.
    My son is in the Garland Co. Detention Center now. He has a presription Drug addiction and was pulled over for No Lic. DUI, Hit & run ( Hit a car and left) I am not sure what eles. But I am in Fl amd am limited on what I can do from here. He is 26 and has no car, No job, No Lic. Please help me to find the first step in gettin him back to a healthy, working, man and getting his life turned around. He has a 3 year old that he needs to help take care of. I have no idea where to start once he gets out. May 9th is his court date. I would apprecite any info, programs, referals you may have.

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